Wednesday, July 31st

Well fans and family, we have arrived safely in Costa Rica!  We were greeted at the airport by missionarys who work for Score, Mike Tabor, Tim and Ginny Craiger, as well as our ever so famous bus driver, Carlos.  We have entrusted our lives to him, so we are keeping him on our side daily!

We rested and moved into the Score Villa, where we have wonderful beds, bathrooms with running water, and even a pool to swim in if it gets hot enough.  This evening was free time so we decided to go watch SWU (Southern Wesleyan University) play the CR National team.  It was a lot of fun being the gym to see what it will be like when we play them later this week…CR National Team that is!  

We are having a blast already, the team is really bonding and spending great time together on the bus rides, at the villa, playing fun games, etc.  Please keep praying for us as we begin ministry’s tomorrow morning.  

Quote of the Day I just love this whole team, and I’m really excited to spend quality time with them this week! Sophomore – Alix Underwood (In her sweetest voice)…of course she was being serious, but now the team can’t stop quoting her, It’s now turned into a funny saying we all say…all the time!!!

Until tomorrow…God bless from Costa Rica!



Travelling the Journey Together

Travel the Journey Together

Well the team is getting packed, doing some last minute shopping, spending some quiet time with the Lord, before we head off on this journey together!  Please follow the Lady Lancers Volleyball team throughout this trip at this site.  We will post pictures, stories, praises, and prayer requests daily.  Take care, and well see you in Costa Rica!