Sunday, August 4

Today we experienced a full blown Sunday school and church service in Spanish. It was about 3 hours total which we are definitely not used to. We only had partial translation  which was interesting since hardly any of us speak Spanish. It is cool how even though we didn’t understand much, we were still able to learn something from the service.

Then we ate at “Fresas” (Strawberries) with all three teams that are here with SCORE. It was delicious food no matter what we ordered and everyone seemed to like it even the pickiest of our team.  

After lunch we traveled to Athens, Greece (Well maybe not Greece, but close) to play.  We were accompanied by SWU to cheer us on.  We played a high school club team and won in four games.  Contrary to popular belief (one of our teammates) a urinal is not a good place to fill your water bottle up and proceed to drink it.  Eh… God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt.  


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