Saturday, August 3rd

This morning we had to get up at 7:30am to get breakfast, do team devotions, then morning quiet time before we left for a volleyball clinic at 8:30am.  We went to a place much like a YMCA in the US.  There were kids everywhere, some playing soccer, practicing wrestling, playing ping pong, watching the clinic, and the 20 girls doing the volleyball clinic.  I had asked Hannah, Alix and Annie to run the clinic that morning; however, they were to try their hardest to do it in Spanish.  They did an excellent job.  I think the kids respected the fact that we were really trying to dialogue in their language, and it broke down barriers for what we were going to share after the clinic. Highlight of the clinic itself was during hitting lines, when Kaitlin decked a kid in the head, and Dana rocked a kid in the back!  They are okay…as far as we know. J

Immediately following the game, Annie shared her testimony and it was very well thought threw and communicated well.  The girls could really relate to what she has been to in her life and the Lord is working because they asked to have weekly devotions with SCORE missionaries to come back and meet with them.

Then we played a club team called “San Jose”  they were girls from 15-19 approximately.  It was very fun to play with all the people watching like it was a huge game.  We won in 3 and after the game were able to trade jerseys with them, and share the gospel again.  Jessica Scherb shared her testimony and again, it has been awesome seeing how this team is opening up so much in front of one another, yet to the Costa Ricans and help draw them closer to the Lord.

After lunch the team got a half an hour on the internet to communicate through facebook, email, or whatever they had available to them.  I hope that was a blessing to you all back at home, I know it was a really neat opportunity for them here!

Later we went to Salvo (Salvador’s) youth group in a place called Las Guidos.  It was a poorer part of San Jose and there were probably at least 30-40 kids there to hear about God. This place really struck our hearts as a team.  We played so many fun games with them, and laughed really hard.  We studied God’s word, and many kids were learning about Christ in such a poor neighborhood. 

One of the games was were Alix and Katie had to try to find the whistle.  However, the guy had it hidden in his pants behind himself.  Katie found it in 45 seconds.  However, it took Alix 3:54, it was so much fun!!!

That evening we did our team devotions to talked about the day, and Hannah lead us in devotions on “LOVE.”  We really opened up as a team, and had a break through with who we are individually.  Very neat moment, that is a pivotal part of our team/season already!  Very excited to see what the Lord does with us this year. 

Blessings from San Jose, Costa Rica!


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