Friday, August 2nd

“La Virgen Maria” translates to “The Virgin Mary”  This is the biggest holiday in Costa Rica, as most of the country is catholic, this is their national holiday where all catholics will walk up to 20 miles or more to visit a holy cathedral where they can drink the holy water to wash away their sins, and touch a statue called the “Black Virgin” to cleanse them from unrighteousness.  Needless to say, with 2 million some people coming into the area for this, there was nothing allowed to be done ministry wise today.  Everyone was shut down.

So Score set it up for us to go on our free day for all teams.  So Campbellsville, Southern Wesleyan and Grace volleyball, all went white water rafting!!! Yes, we went to a place that has been used for the World races involving white water rafting just two years ago!  It was awesome.  The guide scared all of the girls before we even got off the bus, telling them what to do “WHEN” they fall in the water. 🙂

In rafting, they rank the rapids on a scale of 1 to 5.  Here we did several 1-4’s.  It was great team building, the girls all had a lot of fun, many memories were built and a lot of good pictures to show for it!

We cannot believe how wonderful this country is, the people are very welcoming, friendly, and listen when we present the gospel.

Tonight is SCORE night.  All teams will get together and do worship, devotions, and here from a SCORE missionary!

Phrase of the Day “Pora Vida”  This translates literally to “Pure Life” however, this is Costa Rica’s saying they use for everything.  Basically it means to them, “Good job”, “Nice Team Work”, and “Praise the Lord we made it through that rapid!”  Since we put our paddles together after each rapid, and yelled “Pora Vida”

Until tomorrow, Blessings from Costa Rica!


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