Thursday, August 1st

This morning we had the privilege of going to an amazing orphanage.  We met Melba the mother of 43 amazing children.  She has a genuine heart and an incredible story.  What her and her husband are doing is only possible through God’s grace and with His strength.  Taking care of 43 children seems hard enough but most of these orphans have a disability of some form which makes this feat incomprehensible.  

The children were eager and excited to just have us there.  Even though there was a major language barrier the kids just enjoyed having quality time with someone who is willing to sit down with them.  We were educated in Spanish by little kids and showed how to really do makeup.  

Also, as you can imagine the laundry is astronomical with this many people under one roof and there is only one part time volunteer to help Melba with laundry.  Therefore half of us helped fold and organize the laundry hut. We came up with the plan to build shelves for them so that all the clothes are not just piled up on tables. So, we plan on going back later this trip to finish organizing and aiding in making this a smoother process for her.  She was “Muy Gracias!” (Very thankful? 🙂 )

We played the UNED team in five games.  This was very competitive and they had some very good players.  This team had very good attitudes and were willing to listen to Dana’s testimony and Sarah (One of Score’s missionaries) explain the gospel to them at the end. It’s amazing how you can use a sport as a tool to show God’s love to others.  

As we say it is all “For Him”.  Para él Senor 

Buenas Noche Everyone!


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